Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Pizzacake Industries specializes in unique electrical/mechanical design and low volume manufacturing. Much of our work comes from academic and scientific research teams who need highly specialized test fixtures or automated test machinery. Our expertise is highly applicable to R&D for commercial customers as well.

If you have an idea or project you want us to consider, or need a quote for a project proposal, email us at

Specific examples of our engineering capabilities and experience can be viewed below.

Design Engineering

We employ a very hands-on, customer focused approach to design engineering. Our goal is to provide a product that meets your needs, and we'll work with you closely to make sure that happens. Out experience includes but is not limited to:


We've been making weird things for a long time. As such, we have a significant amount of manufacturing resources and experience that we can use to tackle your unique manufacturing needs. Our capabilities include:

Prior Work

A sampling of our contracted projects below is provided to showcase our design and manufacturing experience and expertise.

Simple Custom 3-Point Bending Apparatus

Uppsala University, Sweden

Laser-Based Geometry Measurement Device

Winona, Minnesota

Wrist Biomechanics Experimental Device

Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

Test Adapter

Rochester, MN

Universal Clamp

Michigan Tech University

Biomechanics Friction Measurement Device

Japan and Singapore

Custom Multi-Axis Test Machine

Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

Similar devices for universities in Finland and Sweden

Custom Universal Test Machine

Texas Tech University

Six DOF Force Measurement with Wireless Data Logger

Project with Tainan, Taiwan university

Rat/Mouse Femur Torque Test Adapters

Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

HDD Disk Polisher Calibration Device

IBM, Rochester MN

Anatomical Shoulder Test Device

University of Texas, San Antonio

Breakout Panel for 3D Kinematic Motion Capture Device

Texas Tech University

Tendon Bioreactor

Changsha, Hunan Province, China

Femur Fracture Test Fixture

University of Texas San Antonio 

3-Axis Bioreactor for Cartilage Research 

Rochester Minnesota

Dry Ice Soft Tissue Freeze Clamps

University of Texas San Antonio

Multi-Axis Spine Simulator

University of South Florida