Novanta On-board Charger (coming soon)

Still in active development, Novanta is a 4.5KW on-board battery charger designed specifically for Solar-Electric Vehicles. Novanta was designed from the ground up to meet all WSC and ASC regulations for vehicles in the Cruiser class and MOV class. The designed specifications are listed below.

Novanta will likely be available for sale before the end 2019, in time for ASC 2020. Please contact us at for questions.

If you're interested in Novanta, have any suggestions, feedback, or want to be kept up to date with progress, please fill out this super short form so we can gauge interest and keep you updated.


    • 4500W Max Continuous Power
    • 1500V Input to Output Isolation
    • > 96% Peak Efficiency
    • Accepts direct connection to mains AC voltage up to 240V
    • Implements SAE J1772 and IEC 61851-24 charging protocols
    • 1500V Isolated CAN Bus interface with programmable bit rate (125 - 500 kbps)
    • CAN Bus voltage from 10 - 32 V (designed for use with 12V and 24V systems)
    • Can combine up to 5 Novanta chargers in parallel, communicate and optimize load balancing through auxilary CAN bus
    • Thorough diagnostic monitoring throughout design can identify and report potential issues to mitigate failures
    • Internally forced air cooled, no external heat sinking required
    • Designed for low standby power
    • Uses the latest GaN FET technology from Transphorm to enable high power density and efficiency

AC Input Specs:

    • Single or Split Phase
    • 100-240 Vrms (max power linearly derates with input voltage < 215 Vrms)
    • 40-100 Hz
    • 21 Arms Max Current
    • > 0.97 Power Factor
    • Inrush limited to < 20A

DC Output Specs:

    • 60 - 160 V (max power linearly derates with output voltage < 100V)
    • 45 A Max Current
    • 500 mVpp Max Output Ripple
    • Inrush limited to < 10A (output can be connected to battery or high voltage bus with no external precharging required)
    • Output enable/disable can disconnect supply circuitry from load through internal mosfet switch

Misc Tech Specs:

    • -40 to +70 °C Operational Ambient Temperature (max power may be derated above 50°C ambient)
    • 320 x 180 x 120 mm Aluminum Enclosure (exact dimensions TBD, expect no more than +20mm size increase in any given dimension)
    • Mass TBD